Navigator Bag


This bag is inspired by the old WW2 flight bags that were issued to pilots to handle their important belongings, documents, and paperwork during their travels. The inside dimensions are the same, 14″ wide, 10.5″ tall and 5.5″ deep. There are two dividers with a medium sized pocket sewn to them for keeping smaller items separate, and two flaps on the left and right side that double as pockets for other small items. ┬áThe inside bottom is rigid with the Dying Breeds logo pressed into a sewn in leather patch that helps give the bag its shape. The straps continue under the bag to help weight distribution and feature small stainless steel feet that keep the bottom of the bag dry and off the ground. The bag also has a waterproof sealer that causes water to bead off of the leather if you are stuck out in a rainstorm. ┬áThis briefcase comes with an adjustable strap and shoulder pad that clips on and off to the sides.

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*Leather edge of black briefcases will match thread color selection